Biostar BTC TB250 BTCPRO 12xPCI-e 1151p DDR4 12 Ekran Kartı Uyumlu Mining Anakart

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Biostar BTC TB250 BTCPRO 12xPCI-e Anakart

12 Ekran kartını tek bir anakartta stabil bir şekilde çalıştırabileceğiniz özel üretim anakartdır. Biostar BTC250 Pro Miner ların en çok tercih ettiği üründür.

Etherium, Zcash vb. sanal para madencilerinin en çok tercih ettiği anakartdır.
Bitcoin gibi sanal paraların son yıllarda popülaritesi artmış ve madencilikle üretim mümkün olmuştur, bu anakartla alacağınız en uygun 1151pin işlemci ile istediğin ekran kartından 12 adet bağlayarak çalıştırabilirsiniz.

BIOSTAR the 1st Crypto Mining Expert

Are you desperately searching for a dedicated cryptocurrency mining motherboard for Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Zcash? Nowadays, a wide variety of crypto currencies are getting hotter and in circulation on the market. BIOSTAR is exclusively the first one to bring out a whole series of crypto mining motherboards for the latest Intel and AMD platforms to enthusiasts as the total mining solutions.

Powerful Base & Unique Design

A robust and durable base can be effectively paired with your very right graphics cards for maximum mining profitability and performance. All BIOSTAR mining mainboards with six PCI-e slots for enthusiasts who wish to create an ultimate mining rig to be loaded up with at least six graphics cards to boost up the mining speed for higher hash rate and make the mining performance most efficient. BIOSTAR uniquely designed two extra AUX power connectors support the sufficient power to enhance the performance of graphics cards for more stable operation.



To top it off, BIOSTAR mining motherboards features 100% solid capacitors to extend the lifespan and durability of motherboa

rds. 100% solid capacitors keep the motherboard and the system operating stably in 24/7, bringing the most bang for a miner's buck. Of all the available alternatives out there, BIOSTAR crypto mining motherboards can be baffling to select the perfect hardware to suit your mining needs and be budget-friendly at the same time, effectively increasing your rate of ROI. We believe in providing the best value-for–money products to be accessible to most miners.

Power Protection Design

The special circuit protection design for BIOSTAR crypto mining mainboards detects overvoltage conditions and prevents voltage surges from spreading in real time. It also actively cuts off the overvoltage supply to protect your system. Furthermore, overcurrent protection prevents the motherboard from unwanted damage when doing overclocking or an unusual current import. Last but not least, overheat protection prevents the board and the CPU from burning when exceeding the temperature limitation.

Saving up to US$200 in Your Pocket

The cost of a mining system is always such a thing that a miner cares about the most. Now BIOSTAR TB250-BTC PRO saves all professional miners' money efficiently and wisely! You can build up one crypto mining system with TB250-BTC PRO, loaded up to 12 GPUs to earn even much more profit than that of two systems with the setup of TB250-BTC and 6 GPUs respectively. That is, you may probably save a system cost around up to US$200 on the mining hardware and components. For example, the cost saving includes a CPU, a motherboard, a SSD, a memory card, and other PC peripherals. We do bring the best cost saving solution to all professional mining enthusiasts!

Time is Money!

Compared to two mining machines with TB250-BTC, one ultimate mining machine with TB250-BTC PRO efficiently boosts the mining performance up to 200% to maximize your profitability and makes you spend much less time getting the highest mining return. TB250-BTC PRO brings 2X faster mining speed to increase much higher hashrate and makes the mining performance most efficient; that is, you can get the best cost of return just in 79 days , which is compared to 97 days for the two sets of TB250-BTC mining machines. We do bring the most bang for a miner's buck and time is money. The more time you save, the more money you get!

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Marka Biostar
Bellek Tipi DDR 4
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Üretici Kodu 13343361
SKU Kodu TET96482931955